chocolate, long john, bismark, persians, glazed, sugared, apple fritter, cinnamon twists, fruit filled danish rolls, caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls plus doughnut of the day

Sugar cookies (frosted & plain), chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, molasses, M & M, turtle, plus a rotation of additional varieties


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Pastry List

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Everyday breads-Large and small white, large and small wheat, Swedish white, traditional rye, Bohemian Rye (rye with caraway), sourdough, cracked wheat sweet cream bread (bun bread), French bread and cinnamon with or without raisins and with or without frosting.


Variety breads
(available by order or at random)


Fruit breads: raisin bread, raisin walnut, apple raisin block bread, cranberry nut bread, sweet cream with cherries and nuts, cherry walnut bread, wild rice cranberry, pumpkin cinnamon swirl


Nut breads: flax and sunflower, honey sunflower, 3 seed, sweet cream bread with nuts


Rye breads: marble rye, pumpernickel, dark rye, Swedish limpa


Savory: hearty herb, cheese onion bacon, jalapeño cheddar, garlic cheese, bacon ranch, 3 cheese, asiago pepper, garlic bread, spinach and parmesan, beer and bacon, pepperoni pizza


Classics: Dutchy crust, potato bread, Italian (Vienna), English muffin, 8 grain

Bars List

We always have brownies, almond bars,  lemon bars and 7- layer bars.



Turnovers- apple, cherry and blueberry

Bear claws-cherry or blueberry

Crispies (elephant ears)

Creme horns

Kolaches-apple apricot, cherry, cream
cheese or prune

Cinnamon sticks


Scones-assorted flavors